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Commercial Services

For more than 25 years, I.T. Rangers LTD. has been providing IT services to leading commercial establishments in Canada.

Our Approach:

At I.T. Rangers LTD., we firmly believe in providing long-lasting and high quality networking solutions, whether it is new installations or whether it is maintenance/upgrading of existing systems. We understand the role of IT in the functioning of commercial organizations, and thus leave no stone unturned to provide uninterrupted and cost-effective services to our customers.

Our Commitment:

Our services:

Structured cabling survey : We performed detailed surveys to assess your structured cabling systems. While the structured cabling systems typically make up only 20% of the entire network, they are a major cause of network efficiency (up to 80% of times). Also, since structured cabling systems last longer (10 to 20 years), there’s a greater risk of them disrupting company operations if any issues are left undetected.

In a structured cabling survey, some of the things checked by us include the type of cabling used, whether the cables are installed properly, whether the design of structure cabling is appropriate, etc.

Cable audits/documentation & certification : Cabling is the lifeline of any LAN, and is responsible for 60 to 70% of network failures. One of the reasons behind this is that high-speed data transfer cabling is highly complicated, and thus requires specialized knowledge to identify any issues with the cabling system.

Our detailed cable audits cover all the critical aspects of a cabling system, such as checking the materials used in cabling. For example, different insulating materials have different dielectric qualities. When “Teflon” or Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) is used as an insulating material for copper conductors, it provides the best dielectric qualities.

Along with materials, we also check whether proper installation techniques have been followed. If the audit is satisfactory, we provide certification. If not, we suggest remedial measures and provide certification once all the issues found in the cable audit have been addressed.

As part of our cable audits & certification services, we also offer :

Server room design/solutions:I.T. Rangers LTD. offers comprehensive server room design/solutions for corporations. Our vast experience in server room design ensures you get a highly flexible, scalable, and reliable server setup. For instance, we ensure server rooms have minimum single point-of-failure to ensure high uptime.

As a first step of our server room design services, we understand the clients’ objectives for setting up the server room and their expectations for availability. Once the client’s needs are understood, we use all our latest knowledge in server room designing to propose a design to the client, based on their expected budgets and timelines.

Network design consultancy : For the past 25 years, I.T. Rangers LTD. has provided network design consultancy services for several leading organizations. Some of our network design consultancy services include :

As part of our network design consultancy, our experienced technicians visit the client’s premises to understand the present layout. If you’re looking to set up a new network, we’ll propose a design based on your budget and your capacity needs. And if you already have a network in place, and are looking to upgrade the network, we will suggest appropriate design solutions based on your current and future demand.

Fiber management systems : A robust fiber infrastructure plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of data centers. We offer comprehensive services for setting up and maintaining a structured fiber management system. Our fiber management services include:

Voice/data cabling : Every organization today is dependent on electronic communication that involves voice and data. We provide comprehensive voice and data cabling installation services to organizations of all sizes. Optimum structured cabling and networking infrastructure are the key pillars of voice/data cabling. With our vast experience, we ensure a reliable and scalable voice/data infrastructure for your business.

Network infrastructure/design : Our networking infrastructure solutions cover all the key networking needs of organizations. Our network infrastructure services include:

Network management : We offer end-to-end network management services to ensure complete reliability of your network. Services include:

Installation of surveillance cameras : Surveillance cameras are very useful for guarding the inventory and properties of businesses. Surveillance cameras also ensure the safety of employees and customers. We offer surveillance camera installation services to all types of organizations, including retail stores, small businesses, and large organizations.

We also offer IP-based surveillance cameras which can provide you visuals of your office, from anywhere in the world.

Active hardware : Apart from networking and cabling solutions, we also provide installation and maintenance of active hardware to organizations.

Contact I.T. Rangers LTD. to know more about our IT services for commercial enterprises. If you are looking at any specific IT solutions that are not covered above, contact us and we’ll advise you on the best possible solution for your requirements.

Residential Services

For more than 25 years, I.T. Rangers LTD. has provided reliable home control and automation technology solutions. Using the combination of existing wires within a home as well as radio-frequency communication, we equip today’s homes with remote control and automation technology. As a result, you can automatically control all the key applications in your home, including lighting and other appliances.

Features of our residential services :

Dependability : I.T. Rangers LTD. provides the most dependable home-control networking solutions. Because every device added by us serves as a repeater, with each new device you experience stronger signal strength. All our devices have error detection facility. This means if an appliance is switched on accidentally by the system, the error detection system ensures this doesn’t happen again.

End-to-end solution : At I.T. Rangers, LTD., we provide an end-to-end solution for your home automation needs -- right from installation, programming and configuration of devices to training users on how to best use these devices. With our comprehensive solution, users can start to experience the comfort of their smart home without any effort.

Simplicity : All of our home control solutions can be set up instantly without any complex networking installations. You can easily link any one of our home control products with another by simply pressing a button.

Full compatibility : All our home control products are compatible with each other.

Speed : Unlike other home automation solutions that experience a delay when switching on/off lights or when starting home appliances, the home control solutions of I.T. Rangers LTD. get started without any delays. All our home control solutions get started within 0.05 seconds – that’s much faster than what can be detected by the human eye, thereby ensuring zero visible delays.

Cost-effective : When compared to competition, a complete home automation system from I.T. Rangers LTD. provides significant cost savings.

Significantly lower error rates : The home networking solutions of I.T. Rangers LTD. use two distinct physical layers (RF and Powerline). Networking signals seamlessly jump from one physical layer to another. When compared to single band technology, the error rates in dual band technology are 100 times lower.

Significantly lower error rates : The home networking solutions of I.T. Rangers LTD. use two distinct physical layers (RF and Powerline). Networking signals seamlessly jump from one physical layer to another. When compared to single band technology, the error rates in dual band technology are 100 times lower.

Products offered :

Our home networking solutions cover all the essential appliances used in a modern home.

Switches :

Dimmer switches : With these switches, you can automatically control light levels and change a room’s setting from being fully dark to nearly lit, using a remote control.

On/Off Switches : You can on/off these switches from anywhere using a remote control. Switches are available in different colors such as white, light almond, ivory and brown.

Keypads :

Dimmer keypads : These keypads serve as a dimmer as well as multi-button controller that can control up to 8 devices in your home. You can instantly see the status of various devices in your home with these dimmer keypads.

On/Off keypads : These multi-purpose devices serve three functions: as on/off device that can be used for switching on/off any linked devices, an in-wall controller, and an access point.

Starter kits

Starter kits are the first step towards home automation. These devices serve as a base for a home automation system that can be subsequently used for any number of devices. We offer four kinds of starter kits, depending on your needs. The basic starter kit includes two dimmers, which can be used for controlling the lighting of two devices.

The advanced starter kit includes :


Use our advanced thermostats and control the temperature from anywhere in the house. You can automatically set a heating/cooling schedule for each day of the week in advance. Also, you can set different temperatures for different parts of your home with a remote control.


We offer a wide range of sensors for your home, such as :

Water leak sensors send an instant alert whenever they detect leakage of water. These sensors can be installed near devices that face the risk of getting damaged if water enters them.

Wireless motion sensors automatically turn on lights whenever they detect motion. Once the motion stops, the lights are switched off automatically. These sensors are very useful from a security point of view.

Wireless open/close sensors automatically switch on/off appliances or lighting based on opening or closing of doors. You can monitor multiple doors and windows with each sensor. These sensors provide a range of up to 150’ from the closest access point.

Hidden door sensors send instant alerts on smartphones whenever doors or windows are opened. As opposed to other sensors which are visible, hidden door sensors are installed within the door and thus are invisible.

Smoke bridge sensors send alerts whenever they detect smoke and carbon monoxide.


We install a range of wireless security cameras to provide the highest security to your homes.

Outdoor HD camera : We install outdoor HD cameras, which are water resistant. With these cameras, you can see areas up to 66 feet, even in complete darkness.

Wireless IP cameras : You can easily monitor the visuals relayed by these cameras via your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. These cameras also provide remote pan/tilt functionality and night vision.

I/O modules

We also offer a range of I/O modules that can be used for different functions. Some of these modules are listed below :

Garage door module helps in remotely monitoring your garage door and whether it is open or closed. You can also open/close the garage door remotely, using this module.

Low voltage/contact closure modules helps you monitor if any of your devices are facing low voltage issues. You can also monitor contact closures with these devices.

Door strike kit is useful for instantly locking or unlocking of doors by simply pressing a button.

Rain sensor kit detects rain/water and triggers switching on/off of any devices on your home control network. The rain sensor kit can also be used to turn off sprinklers whenever it rains.

High and low temperature notification sensors send a notification whenever the temperature reaches a threshold limit (high/low). The limit can be set anywhere from -30° F to 130° F.

Contact us if you want to install our home control devices! Get these devices, and experience unparalleled freedom, control, and peace-of-mind.

Server room , power management and documentation : At I. T. Rangers Ltd. we know the importance of power distribution in a server room or data centre. one of the key elements of a stable data centre is stable power. It is extremely important to distribute the power properly and adequately.